Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Pics and 39 week doctor's appt

Eliot and I have been enjoying our garden immensely the past week... the almost constant rain has made it very green and lush. The rain has also been relaxing to hear through our open doors and windows. Today I ventured out into the yard and took some pics to remind me of this peaceful time in the garden, and I thought I'd share them with you all.

Garden beds on May 20th

Garden beds today



Fuchsia on the front porch

Lupines in the front garden bed

Fuchsias on the back porch

View out our back door

Cherry on the tree in the back yard... almost ripe!

I also had my 39 week doctor's appt today... it was disappointing. I have not progressed at all, still at 1 cm and the baby is high. My blood pressure is borderline and the swelling is getting pretty awful (my hands ache all night and I have a hard time grasping anything, and my feet are so full of fluid it is hard to work). My doctor recommended swimming in a saltwater pool, so Eliot and I did that this evening to take the pressure off my joints for a bit. It was nice, but now I am out of the pool and still a giant marshmallow. :-(

The doctor said next week we will see where things are at (if I make it that long) and go from there. She said they don't let people go past 41 weeks, so the LATEST this baby will be here is the 19th! :-) There is hope I won't be preggo forever! Yay!!

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