Friday, June 18, 2010

Here we go!!

My water broke this morning! I think it might have happened while I was sleeping because I could feel something leaking when I woke up. Luckily it wasn't far to the bathroom because, let me tell you, your water breaking is NOT like they show in the movies. It isn't just one big gush and you're done. Nooooo.... there is a TON of it and it keeps coming for hours! I won't elaborate any more for those of you with weak stomachs. :-)

Anyway, that happened around 11am, and I knew I had a doctor's appt at 1pm, so I decided to just take a shower, eat breakfast, and then go see what the doctor says.

Well, at the appointment the doctor confirmed my water being broken and said I am about 2cm and 80% effaced. They set me up for an NST (Non-stress test) where they put two monitors on you to monitor the baby's heartbeat and my contractions at the same time to see how the baby is handling the contractions. Everything looked good and the contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but not terribly strong yet (I was watching Shrek on a tv in the NST room and still able to talk through the contractions... still have a ways to go!). So I decided to go back home and labor there for awhile so I could be comfortable and not feel stressed out or "on the clock" at the hospital. We only live 5 min away, so it's not a big deal to go back when it's time.

So now I am hanging out, watching the rest of Shrek, and having some food and relaxing while having contractions every 5 1/2 min or so. We'll head back to the hospital when the contractions are stronger and closer together, OR around 10pm tonight so that I don't sit around with ruptured membranes for too long (to prevent infection).

I'll update when I can... for now I'm going to go labor and have this baby!

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