Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's JUNE!

I'm going to have this baby THIS MONTH whether he wants to be born or not! :-D I am so glad it is FINALLY June and all the dairy products I buy now expire AFTER my due date. YAY!!!

I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty consistently over the last week or so... which hopefully is doing something down there, because I am ridiculously uncomfortable. Eliot and I went grocery shopping yesterday and my feet hurt so bad I didn't care what we got by the end of the trip as long as it got me closer to the car. I am supposed to go out and get a few more things today, but I think laundry and mopping the kitchen floor are about all I can handle, so Eliot will probably be making that errand run this evening...

The cat is driving me bananas, trying to eat all the houseplants and jumping up on all the furniture. I think he just wants attention. He also has been meowing like crazy, and, combined with the headache I had earlier, it made me want to throw him outside and let the neighborhood cats have their way with him. Seriously. But I won't, don't worry. He's too much of a cream puff to make it in the real world.

Sleeping has become a serious challenge, as I can't get comfortable for more than 30 minutes without needing to turn over to make my back stop hurting. And I am up every 2 hours for the long slog to the bathroom (my hip joints are all loose so I shuffle more than walk these days). I am also ridiculously swollen in my limbs, so grabbing anything and/or walking has become more difficult.

Needless to say, week 38 isn't so much fun. Lord, please deliver me!

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  1. Bringing back memories of me 26 years ago last January.....