Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 weeks old and first trip out!

James is two weeks old today!

We love this little guy so much!! Today we all took a family trip out to Fred Meyer to celebrate his first two weeks of life (and to get me out of the house!). It is a LOT more complicated to go to the store now, let me tell you... it took us at least 30 minutes to get out of the house, and we had to go back twice because of forgetting things. BUT James did great, he slept the whole time, and, thanks to the cover Aunt Lindy gave us, no one tried to touch him in the very busy grocery store! Yay!

Here is a pic of James and I in the bakery section:

And some shots in the stroller (thanks Great Aunt Diane! It's working well!) and the car:

I get updates every week like before about what is happening for our little man, so I thought I would add that here too so you all can know how James is developing:

Your womb was a warm and cozy environment, and it takes time for your baby to adjust to the various sights, sounds, and sensations of life outside your body. You may not be able to detect much of a personality just yet as your baby spends his time moving in and out of several different states of sleepiness, quiet alertness, and active alertness.

The only way your baby knows to communicate is by crying, but you can communicate with him through your voice and your touch. (He can now recognize your voice and pick it out among others.)

Your baby probably loves to be held, caressed, kissed, stroked, massaged, and carried. He may even make an "ah" sound when he hears your voice or sees your face, and he'll be eager to find you in a crowd.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a pic of our new family (sans cat):

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