Monday, July 12, 2010

Cute James Quirks

Now that we've known James for three weeks, we are starting to get to know his personality and some of his quirks. I thought I'd share them here so you can all get to know him too...

When he's hungry, he doesn't really cry so much (unless you wait waaaaay too long), but he does do this heavy breathing/panting thing that is hilarious.

He loves to put his arms up next to his head when he is sleeping. He'll even houdini himself out of his swaddle to have his arms next to his head, sometimes in a football GOAL!! style. :-) If you remember his ultrasound pics, he had his arm up next to his head in one of those as well.

James likes to eat about ever 2 1/2 hours, except for a couple cluster feeds in the evening and around midnight.

He doesn't cry too much at all, even when getting his bath. We put on "Under the Sea" while bathing him, and he listens to us singing instead of crying (most of the time). Our pediatrician predicted he would be a mellow baby, and that he is. But he does have his moments of letting us know he is not happy (during diaper changes, if we wait too long to feed him, etc).

He likes the Moby wrap, but ONLY if I am walking around with it on. The moment I sit down with it on, he gets fussy.

He will now turn his head to look at Eliot or me if we start talking to him. :-)

There are a few more, but I'll leave you with those for now because he's waking up to eat!

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