Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I thought I'd take a second to share a few of James's milestones that I've noticed in the past few weeks...

He can lift his head for long periods of time and has great neck strength. We hardly need to support his head when he's awake and active (we still do just to be safe, but he is really strong!).

He has a very long torso which make him a tall little fella... he's almost outgrown his "newborn napper" in his pack n' play not by weight (15lbs) or milestone (rolling over) but by length. He just barely fits in it length-wise! This long torso also means he is wearing 3mo onesies and has outgrown pretty much everything Newborn (unless it was big to begin with). Luckily we have lots of clothes courtesy of his twin cousins (thanks Levi and Asher!) so it's not a big deal that he's in the next size up already.

He can track an object with his eyes if you put it in front of him and move it from side to side. His favorite toys right now are Jacque the Peacock and a little round ring that rattles and has lots of black and white (he sees mostly contrasting and bold colors at the moment).

He likes to straighten and kick his legs, and sometimes if you hold him upright he will try to "stand." I was amazed he could do that already, I thought it would be awhile for that one...

He can switch between breast, pacifier, and bottle without batting an eye. James is a very fast learner. :-)

He loves lights and reflections of lights on shiny surfaces (much like the cat!). He will gaze out the window during the day when we change him.

That's all I can think of for now. He's been eating every 2 hours or less since 8pm last night... I wonder if he is going through another growth spurt because this is the same thing he did a week or two ago. He barely sleeps and wants to eat almost constantly. Right now, though, I got him to go to sleep in the swing, so I am going to crash on the couch while I have the opportunity (I only got 4 hours of sleep last night).

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