Friday, July 9, 2010


Well, James spent all day and evening yesterday (from 4pm to midnight) eating almost constantly with only 20 minute breaks here and there. Then from midnight to 2:45am he cried. It is possible that he may not have cried if I had continued feeding him (it had stopped the crying in the previous 8 hours), but I was exhausted and needed a break, so Eliot took him out to the living room and sat up with him while I got some sleep. It was awful.

I am wondering if this is purple crying or if James was just exhausted from being up so long. It would make sense that he was just overtired since he was up for sooooo long. He seems to be back to a normal 2.5 hour feeding schedule today. Maybe he's been going through a growth spurt as well?? I am just hoping this isn't a pattern he's developing of screaming for 3 hours every night! I guess we'll know soon enough...

Time to go feed the little critter again. Good thing he's so darn cute. :-)

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