Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out n' About

James and I took our first mommy/baby trip out without Eliot yesterday. Our last trip to Target was a complete disaster (meltdown in the kleenex aisle), so I needed to go out with him just to prove I could.

We went to Toys R Us first (a safe place where there is a changing station AND a nursing room) and then, because he was still sleeping, we walked over to Barnes and Noble and I celebrated our successful trip with Jane Kirkpatrick's newest book in her newest series about a woman photographer in the early 1900's (BTW, Lindy, I think you would love this series!).

The trip as a whole went really well. Granted, it took two hours to get out the door, but then James slept the whole time and we had fun wheeling around in the stroller. I got some netting to put over the stroller at Mt Rainier to keep the bugs out and a couple "mommy loves me" bibs that were on sale because pretty much ALL our bibs say Daddy loves me, which is fine but I was starting to feel left out!

I also learned that doors that do not open automatically are the dumbest thing ever. Seriously. Ever tried to get a stroller through a manual set of double doors? Good luck.

I would like to mention, as it is noteworthy, that James slept not one, but TWO 4-hour stretches last night. Hallelujah! I think we are fixing the oversupply problem too, as he is sleeping better and his rash is going away. :-)

Gotta go do laundry...but I'll leave you with this... James's first real smile that I finally caught on camera (he's been smiling for a week now!):

Oh, and I also like these:

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  1. That's really funny about the Daddy loves me bibs. Annabelle got all kinds of outfits with daddy love me stuff, but maybe one mommy outfit. I was definitely feeling a little left out. Do these designers know how much time and energy mommys put into their babies!!!??? They deserve some appreciation in clothing :)