Friday, July 2, 2010

He's a big boy now!

Today was our two week check-up and James's circumcision... both went very well. He is growing and weighs 7lbs 9oz (one ounce more than his birth weight). The doctor says everything looks great, we just have a bit of a diaper rash which the doc said is probably caused by him having sensitive skin and his poo being very acidic. But other than that he looks great!

The circumcision went well, I didn't watch it but Eliot did (I couldn't take it, I hate to hear my boy in pain!). This kid is so mellow, he hardly screamed at all the whole rest of the visit. He just looked at the doctor with wide eyes while he was all unwrapped... amazing! The doc predicted at the last visit that James would be a mellow baby. I think she is right, and I thank the Lord every day for it.

After the doctor's visit we came home to relax. I took a 3 hour nap on the couch with James while we watched a National Parks documentary on Netflix.

Tomorrow we are off to get a few provisions for our quiet 4th of July celebration with just the three of us... it will be James's first trip to Fred Meyer! I plan on getting some coconut oil as well for his rash since it is cloth diaper safe (it dissolves in hot water unlike vaseline). For right now we are using vaseline and the rest of our hospital sposies until the rash clears up.

I gotta run and eat dinner while Eliot occupies the little one with some Beethoven in the other room. :-)

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