Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby legs and diaper covers

We are budgeting some money every month for diaper supplies so we don't have to buy all of it at today I went in to Fletchers to get some diaper covers. I decided to get two newborn ones and a size small, though I will still need 4 more newborn and 4 more smalls, most likely. But you gotta start somewhere. I would have gotten 3 newborn, but the small one that I found looked like this and was so cute:

Here are the newborn ones, which are the "super brite" variety and have an extra leg gusset that helps prevent leaks. The color choices were somewhat limited for these ones:

Eliot and I had a cloth diapering lesson using a stuffed bunny now that we have some prefolds (old ones from Lindy and Nathan), some snappis (which are easier to use than diaper pins), and the covers. The supply is scarce, but it is a start. Eliot did GREAT with both the prefolds and covers and with a Bum Genius 3.0 One Size. The goal is to have prefolds and covers during the expensive "newborn diapering period" where they can go through 12-16 diapers a day and don't quite fit yet into the one size diapers. Then we should be able to switch over most of the time to Bum Genius One Size diapers that are are easy and fast to use, pretty much like disposables.

Anyway, I think it is going to work... once we have some more diapers! :-)

I also decided to work on some small projects for the baby. Since I have a TON of clothes already thanks to the twins, I decided to try to make some Baby Legs (baby leg warmers), which are nice with cloth diapers in the summer since they can keep baby's legs warm and still show off the cute diaper! Too many layers over cloth are bulky anyway, so baby legs are a nice alternative. Here was my first attempt... not perfect, but a start...

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