Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly survey- Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Cheddar cheese hot dogs

Sleep: Doing better this week! I am actually getting to bed by 3 and waking up at 11:30, which is a definite improvement!

Best moment this week: Making my own fleece diaper covers... pics to come soon!

New symptoms: My balance is not very good these days. I run into everything by accident. Oh, and I drop pretty much everything I pick up. Just call me Kate the Klutz.

What I miss: Volunteering at RMDH! This week was my last day of volunteer work since it is getting too hard to go to rehearsal after volunteering. It was so sad to say goodbye to the ladies up there in Portland. At least I know where to find them once the little one is here! :-)

What I am looking forward to: Hospital tour tomorrow! Yay!

Projects for this week: Making fleece diaper covers (called "soakers" though they don't "soak" anything), painting the nursery

Silly pregnant moment of the week: Filling up a water glass, walking over to the table, and then seeing the other water glass I had filled up only moments before waiting for me.

Milestones: Gaining a ridiculous amount of weight in a month? Is that a milestone? :-)

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