Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor's appointment today

I went to see my OB for this month... baby is healthy, moving around a lot and has a heartbeat of 150 bpm. I am measuring well except I gained 9lbs this month, which is about twice what I normally gain in a month (!). My doctor said it is normal to sometimes gain a lot of weight at once and then have it slow back down, but regardless I am watching my sweets and trying not to drink empty calories. I can't understand how I gained so much since I haven't been eating all that more, but I guess walking less has really taken it's toll...

I am also trying to exercise more, which is easier since it is SO nice outside! I opened the door today to all the crocuses in full bloom under a blue sky with the tree in front blossoming! The blueberries in back are also budding out... I love spring!!

Another problem with gaining weight is my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore... so Eliot and I went out today to Kohls and got a cheapie bigger ring for me to wear so my hand doesn't have to be ring-less for the next few months! I don't want to wear my ring around my neck because I'd be worried about losing it by the chain breaking. Here is a pic of one very close to the one I bought:

We also headed over to Joann's fabrics to pic out some fleece for the fleece diaper covers I am making for our little one. I am using a simple pattern and they should come out somewhat like this:

I plan on making a couple newborns and a couple small size ones for now... they have an extra soaker layer in them to retain moisture, and I heard if you wash them with your regular clothes, the fabric softener helps make them wick away wetness and keep it in the diaper (these covers go over a prefold diaper secured with a snappi). Hopefully I will do one or two tomorrow if I find the time!

We are also painting the nursery this weekend (by we I mean Mom, Eliot, and Jodi), so at least it will be green! The mural will come later, we're just getting the base color on this weekend. It will be so great to makes strides towards finishing the nursery!!

That's all for now, going to watch the men's skating on the olympics and go to bed. :-)

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