Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I woke up this morning to some lovely surprises on my table... Eliot bought me flowers, gouda, and chocolate covered raspberry sticks for Valentine's day, as well as a lovely card. I thought that was it, but then he gave me an envelope (he couldn't find the gift wrap) that had an R.C. Sproul lecture inside. Puzzled, I took it out cautiously (I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Sproul) and looked inside. This is what I found...

My dear, sweet husband remembered me telling him months ago how I wanted some waltzes on a playlist so I could dance with our baby. So he did some researched, collected piles of CDs, and made two custom-made compilation CDs of some great waltzes for me! I was so excited and, quite frankly, surprised he remembered that at all. Then I also saw he bought me a replacement CD for the Edith Piaf one that I loved and lost somewhere in the shuffle of moving multiple times (I always lamented losing it, but couldn't bring myself to shell out dough again for a CD I had already purchased once in my lifetime). Romantic music for a romantic holiday from my loving husband... I was so touched. :-)

We went out for dinner at the Olive Garden, arriving nice and early to get our name on the list so that we had a table by 6:30 (in the meantime we wandered around Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble). We were luckily seated in a relatively quiet area and had a leisurely dinner (since they were running behind in the kitchen, which was just fine with us).

I think the thing I love most this year about Valentine's day is that it was enough to just be together. We didn't need expensive food or a dozen roses or even a big vacation... we just cuddled on the couch and listened to some classic waltzes. Just the three of us. <3

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  1. I have a couple Edith Piaf CD's. I have no idea we had that in common!