Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New registries!

I decided that it would make sense to have the same registries on the blog here as are for the baby shower, so I updated the links on the right (scroll down) to make it easier for everyone. I also made a registry at Kellyscloset.com for cloth diapers.

The cloth diaper one looks a little daunting as the quantities of diapers I would like are grouped together and the total cost added up (yikes!). Of course anyone can just buy a single diaper or item, and to see the color and size I am requesting for some of them just hit the "view/hide options" button on the individual item. We are hoping for prefolds and covers for our newborn and One Size diapers for the rest of the diapering period. The up-front cost seems a bit steep, but in the end we will save thousands over disposables (and two WHOLE trees!).

I also have to mention that I put the Goodmama ones on there for fun even though they expensive... because they are so DARN CUTE!! I want to add THE THING and THE HOT ONE but they are out of stock so it won't let me. Why not have adorable diapers if they are adjustable and will be able to be used till potty-training (and beyond to future kids)?

Here is The HOT one:

And The THING:

This one is on the registry, it's called The WESTERN One:

The best part about Goodmamas is that they are All-in-ones as well as Ones Size, so they grow with baby AND are all one piece like disposable diapers (easy for us and anyone who babysits!). Can you tell I am excited about cloth diapers??

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