Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby wearing!

I have done a lot of research into baby wearing (putting baby in a sling or wrap) and have decided it sounds like the way to go. If you start from an early age, it promotes bonding and actually encourages independence because the kiddo feels more secure with their relationship to the parent so they aren't afraid to venture out and explore when out of the wrap. :-)

I would still use the stroller we have for longer walks/outings, and for when the baby gets older (you CAN wear them from 0-3 years, but I'm not sure I could carry a 3-year-old for more than a few minutes!). There are two wrap styles I am considering, but this one is my favorite because baby is very secure and you can cook, clean, and do what you would normally do while holding the baby:

These ones are from Lovey Duds and have SUCH cute prints! If I get one I would have to get a print Eliot wouldn't mind wearing as well... though it is tempting to get a girly one blue/green one. :-)

The other kind of sling I am considering is an adjustable pouch. These are faster to put on, but they don't distribute the weight as evenly, so you can't wear it as long. It is also better for older kiddos who can hold their head up (so you can put them on your hip). Here is a pic of an adjustable pouch from hot slings:

There are a couple of other wraps I am considering, but these are my favorites so far. I looked into making them myself, but you have to get a very specific type of cloth for it that, after getting as many yards as I need, would be about the same cost as buying one made (at least for the first wrap). And I think I would want to buy one that I know is secure since it will probably get a lot of use.

I don't think I'll buy one till April or May and maybe do some more research, but the first wrap on this page looks promising (it is like the Moby Wrap but made with a softer material and made by a work-at-home mom).

Either way, I am glad we will have the choice between using a stroller and wearing the baby in a sling. That way we can go out and see the world no matter what! :-)

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  1. I loved the Moby Wrap (exactly the the one in the first picture) and probably would have used it more if I hadn't had TWINS! Ha ha ha. Anyway, it's really comfortable to wear, and I could totally make one for you for cheap, if you wanted to pick out couple cute fabrics.