Sunday, April 11, 2010

Analyzing the stash

While discussing cloth diapering with another cloth diapering mamma the other day, I made a list of all the stuff I have so far for our little one, and I think the stash is just about complete! So I thought I'd share it here... don't worry if it doesn't sound like English, it took me awhile to learn all the diapering lingo myself. :-)

2 newborn bummis super brite covers
2 Thirsties Duo covers (size 1)
4 Newborn fleece soakers
1 x-sm AIO BG 3.0
1 small AIO BG 3.0
1 small size bummis super whisper wrap
4 Small fleece soakers
8 preemie unbleached indian cotton prefolds
23 infant unbleached indian cotton prefolds
20 large unbleached indian cotton prefolds
3 Snappis
4 medium fleece soakers
2 OS Blueberry covers
2 OS Flip covers
1 Flip liner
1 package Flip disposable inserts
20 OS Bum Genius 3.0
3 BG stay-dry doublers
LOTS of Cloth wipes! (Thanks mom!)
100 flushable diaper liners
2 Planet wise wet bags for diaper pail
1 large planet wise wet bag for diaper bag
California baby diaper rash cream
Rockin’ Green Grape Soda scented diaper pail freshener

I am pretty happy with what I've got, and they will even sell at a good price used if I change my mind about any specific diaper and want a different kind (hoping that won't be the case...). Thanks to everyone who has supported us in gathering our cloth diaper stash! I am so excited!!

One of Eliot's students came for a lesson today and he mentioned we were cloth diapering and got the typical response "Oh, you'll probably give up on that in a few weeks." When he showed her our diaper stash and what the modern diapers looked like, she changed mind and said if they had had diapers like that back when her kids were small she would have used them! :-) We explained that you don't have to use a diaper service and in fact many of the diapers are just as easy to use as a disposable diaper... except you empty the diaper pail into the washing machine instead of tossing it in the trash!

I think the thing I am happiest about (besides saving a ton of money) is that we can use them for multiple children if/when we have more. So it isn't like these diapers are only good for this kiddo and then they have to be thrown out... instead they can be used again and again for years!

I also recently heard about a study that was done on baby boys and how disposable diapers may cause infertility in males later in life due to the plastic in disposable diapers trapping heat and causing the "male parts" natural cooling system to fail. Here is a link to the study on that in case anyone is interested: Disposable diapers and infertility. I think more research needs to be done before it concludes without a shadow of a doubt that yes, indeed, disposables cause infertility... but it is food for thought.

For anyone wondering why I am so crazy about cloth diapers... well, it is considered "counter-cultural" in our generation, though it is getting more accepted since the whole green movement started. Many people we've talked to about it sometimes react like we are crazy for doing it, that it is somehow more unsanitary or dirty than disposables (not true, btw), or that it is so much more work that we will give up right away. Cloth diapering vs. disposables is one of those "hot button" topics among parents that people feel pretty passionate about one way or the other. Like breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, vaccinating vs not vaccinating, etc.

The other reason I am so crazy about cloth? Cloth diapering is terribly addicting. Seriously. With all the cute prints, colors and variety available, they become part of the baby's wardrobe. Who knew that something so functional could be so fun?? :-)

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  1. Hey Kate..Congratulations! I am really happy for you.

    This is Shri. I am not sure if you remember me. I used to work with you at Borders.