Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The baby has started to hiccup this past week... usually every night around midnight I feel rhythmic "kicks" that last about 20 minutes or so. It is pretty fun to feel... I think he is in a head down position because the hiccups are lower down in my tummy. And I can feel a foot jammed into my stomach below my ribs as we speak, which also suggests a head-down position!

I am feeling pretty good in general except when I overdo it and get terrible backaches at the end of the day from bending over too much. Today I ran some errands and walked for a LONG time, which is both good and bad. Bad because it was exhausting and often makes me dizzy to be on my feet so long, good because I got some exercise (which is needed!).

I bought nursing clothes today at Motherhood Maternity (with Mom's baby shower gift). I got one comfortable nursing bra that I can wear out (with other clothes on, of course) to add to the other two that are more stay-at-home bras. I also got two camis that I can layer under other shirts and a set of pjs for me to wear now and through the summer (the top is a nursing tank top and the shorts are comfy cotton). I also bought a pair of jean capris because as soon as the weather cleared up and became sunny and warm today I realized I wasn't going to get away with only one pair of shorter pants being preggo and hot all the time!

I also got a few items for the home and a Your Baby: Week by Week book. I think that will be nice to have for the first year. Oh, and I got some things to go in the diaper bag (which I am waiting on, it should be delivered tomorrow) like a spray bottle for my cloth wipes. :-)

When I got home from shopping I found a forest critters lamp from Auntie Diane! I set it up in the nursery on top of the chiffarobe, and it is adorable. I will try to get a pic up of it soon, but quite frankly I'm too tired to do it now.

So, things are coming together. I am planning our veggie garden and possibly a flower garden too along the back porch. Dad, Eliot, and Jodi are going to come over in May and help plant it (possibly Mother's day weekend, how appropriate!).

Eliot and I are also going to the annual Fuchsia sale at Fred Meyer on Saturday to have them plant fuchsias and geraniums for us (with their dirt) in our existing pots. We can't wait! I LOVE this sale and go every year... but last year we went too late and all the early risers had picked over the fuchsias, so this year we are going BRIGHT and early at 9am to beat the crowds!

Oh, and I have been waking up earlier and starting a more normal sleep pattern... asleep by 1:30am, awake at 10:30am. It may not seem better to some of you, but it is certainly better than asleep by 5am awake at 2pm!

So that is what's going on these days... I'm thinking I should look into packing a hospital bag one of these days, but I still have a few weeks to go so I'm not rushing it. :-) Eliot has his exams in 2 weeks or so as well, which has filled our house with lots of classical music during his study sessions (I'm not complaining).

I think I may go steam some fresh asparagus for a snack... mmmm.... Night all!

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  1. i don't know how you feel about dresses, but that is what i was most comfortable in at the end of my pregnancy (even though people saw my swollen ankles and i hated feeling my thighs rub together... ahhh the joys of pregnancy). it was a nice break for when the band on the pants got uncomfortable under my HUGE belly when sitting for a while.