Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A day to get things done

The mantra around our house for the last 6 or so months for Eliot has been "after my exam." The lawn will get mowed "after my exam." The baby books will be read "after my exam." We'll learn how to install the car seat "after my exam." You get the picture.

But guess what? It is now "after his exam." He's all done with his PhD comp exams, two days of 8-hour exams are completely done and will never need to be taken again (worse case scenario he'd have to do one portion over again, but I bet he passed the whole thing). So now everything that has been put on hold around the house is happening, finally! Yay!

Yesterday I cleaned out our fish bowl since it looked like a science experiment with all the algae growing in it. While doing so, I accidentally dropped some aquarium gravel down the sink... no, wait, not the sink, the GARBAGE DISPOSAL. I don't know about your garbage disposal, but ours doesn't like to grind up rocks. So it jammed. And I just about cried.

But luckily this wasn't our first experience clogging the GD, I had put a couple pounds of potato peels down it last year not knowing that the disposal can't handle it, and it clogged then too, but for different reasons. We tried all our usual tricks, turning it with an alen wrench from below, hitting the reset button, etc, but the rocks kept jamming the blades. We knew it was time for drastic action.

After turning off the water and the electricity (to be safe), Eliot and I figured out how to take it apart. Then Eliot, the trooper, picked every stinkin' little rock out of the unit by hand (and by hand I mean needle nose pliers). We even figured out how to hook it all back up, and guess what? IT WORKS AGAIN!! Hallelujah! My husband is a handy man after all! He did most of the work because I really can't bend and lift much at all these days. I'm so proud of him. :-)

We also spent an hour or so learning how to safely install the carseat in the car. We put it in the middle of the back, which still allows people to sit on either side (not entirely comfortably, but at least they still have some leg room!). We also learned hw to install it on the side seats in the back, but we both agree we like the middle position for for security. The only thing is I need to alter the mirror I got to see the baby so that it velcros at the right angle for our little car (they must make these things for giant SUVs!

I thin the most interesting thing was learning all the "child safety features" of my car that I never knew I had. Like latch anchors for the car seat. And child safety locks for the back doors. And you know why seat belts in the back seat do that annoying locking thing if you pull them out too far? Yeah, that's to secure a child safety seat so that it locks in place. Who woulda thunk it? :-)

Now I am resting my back while Eliot is working hard in the yard, mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, and spraying for weeds. I feel so blessed to have my husband's help around the house, especially with my being so limited these days.

Speaking of limited, I had such bad back pain last night it kept me up till 3am. I think I may do more yoga and bust out the heating pad to try to combat it... just carrying so much weight on my front is killing my lower back. Oh well... not too much longer to go and I can hand the kid to Eliot (or Grandma or Grandpa or Aunt Lindy or Uncle Nathan, etc) to carry for awhile and give my back a break! :-)

Time to go eat something... the baby is doing somersaults and asking for some food!

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