Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diaper bag magic

Well, Eliot and I bought a fancy diaper bag with all the bells and whistles (that is still lightweight, though) to use as our main diaper bag. It has an insulated pocket for a bottle or food, an antimicrobacterial mat (and coating, for that matter) for changing, LOTS of pockets, a pacifier holder, and a mommy/daddy pocket (no, that's not where we put extra mommies and daddies, it is where I can put my wallet and chapstick and whatnot. :-)) The bag is also a "messenger" style bag which means I can hang it diagonally across me and so it is more comfortable to carry. I LOVE this bag.

But you know what? It's boring. It's brown, a neutral color that Eliot won't mind carrying around and won't be embarrassed to be seen with. And since I am going to be a full-time stay-at-home mom, I decided I would like a cute diaper bag to have on hand for myself. So I made one. Here is the result:

Inside the bag

The front flap is only crooked because of the way I set the bag down. I am thinking about putting a decorative button on the front, but other than that, it is all done! I think it will make a great bag for hauling extra clothes, blankets, etc when we travel. :-)

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