Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ukranian Eggs! Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! He is RISEN!!!

We are celebrated Easter this year by making Ukrainian eggs with Jodi, going to church this morning, and heading back over to Jodi's for Easter dinner tonight. Oh, and I am making hamburgers for lunch because I am craving them, and I figure a homemade hamburger on a whole-wheat bun is better than McDonalds!

We made the Ukrainian eggs by dripping hot wax on the shells before dipping them in dye... then we'd wax over another part to do another color (and so on and so on). Mine turned out ok for a first attempt (using a traditional design):

ELiot decided to design his own with a musical theme, so it has organ pipes, clefs, and neumes:

Jodi did a traditional design as well:

Here are all three eggs together!

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