Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shopping cart cover!

My latest sewing project was to make a shopping cart cover using a 99 cent pattern I found at Joann's and some leftover fleece I had from my fleece diaper soaker project. It was a lot more involved that I had anticipated, mostly because the directions were so unclear that I had to go back and repeat steps I had already done (and rip out a LOT of seams). But, after a weekend of sewing, I finally got the thing together! These things can cost up to $60 online and my total cost of the project (for materials) was about $22.

Here is the cover (laid over some chairs since I don't own a shopping cart):

From the front

From the top

From the back

Reversed, from the front

Reversed, from the top

Bag folded up into itself for carry and storage

The cover can also be used in restaurants to cover dirty high chairs. :-)

My project for today is packing my hospital bag(s). I got this adorable nursing pj set from Mom and Diane to pack in it, which includes a little matching outfit for the baby!

It says "Baby Love" on it. :-)

One last note... I miss being able to fold myself in half like this:

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