Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctor's appointment today!

I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks great. The baby is measuring well and has a heart rate of 138 bpm. I am having a lot of back pain if I do a lot of activity in a day, and the doctor said that is normal... Yoga seems to help it, so I might do more of that. I also only gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks, MUCH better than the 7lbs I gained last time!

This kiddo likes to stretch himself out in my tummy, jamming what I think is a foot into the side of my stomach to the point it is uncomfortable for me. You can actually feel the hard little lump from his foot on the outside of my stomach. He also does a lot of twisting around which you can actually SEE from the outside (crazy, I know!). The doctor said she is pretty sure he is in the head-down position and I am inclined to agree knowing where all my kicks are these days.

In other news, Eliot's big comp exams for his PhD are next Monday and Tuesday. It includes 8 hours each day of written exams and covers pretty much all of music history, so if you can all be praying for him that would be great. I think he is a bit stressed out about it (I don't blame him). I'm sure he'll do well, though, he always does.

The great thing is that as soon as he is done with these exams he is ABD (All But Dissertation, or All But Done as I like to say), which means he is eligible to apply for work for the next school year (2011-2012). SO, prayers are needed for that as well. We would like to live at least in the pacific NW if not in this or the Portland area. But we know that God's plan is bigger than ours and we'll go where He needs us to be. :-) I admit, though, I am impatient and want to know where we are going to live next!

I also have been enjoying time out in the garden a bit as the weather is so nice these days. I trimmed up the roses and fertilized the rose and peony bed today, which was enough work in itself for Ms. Preggo here. Dad, Jodi, and Eliot will be helping me plant our garden on May 8th, and I can't wait! Yay for fresh fruits and veggies we can puree and freeze for baby food for the winter! :-)

Here are some pics of the garden and yard for your enjoyment:

Sugar snap peas I planted around President's day... yes, I know the bugs have gotten to them a bit, but heck, I'm pregnant and it IS an organic garden after all!

Strawberries about to give us berries!

The raspberry and strawberry bed, soon to be netted so the birds don't get my berries!

Chives in the herb garden

Baby fuchsias and geraniums that we got at the sale!

The last of the daffodils

Front flower bed around tree

One of our front porch planters... just wait till it blooms!

And last but not least... the cutest lamp in the WORLD from Auntie Diane for the nursery!

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