Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exhausted and nauseous

Today I tried to lay down on the couch with Eliot and take an afternoon nap since I am totally exhausted. But then I felt nauseous, so I had to sit up. Now I just feel blah... must be that time in the pregnancy when I don't want to be preggo anymore!

I have been feeling a big push to get everything ready to go... bags packed, nursery ready, pack n play set up in our room. Eliot asked me if I thought it was because I will go into labor soon, and I told him no, I think it will be awhile. But I do think I was doing all this with my last bursts of energy, and maybe my body knew I would be like this and so it pushed me to get things done before the fatigue set in!

In other news, it is 31 cent cone night at Baskin Robbins. So I might wake Eliot up from his nap and head over there... my nausea is like 1st trimester nausea where eating sometimes makes it better (go figure). Ice cream is healthy for the baby because it has calcium, right? ;-)

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